Wild Sage Membership

After a few years of serious yoga, I got disillusioned. Why was nobody talking to each other after yoga? OK, they wanted to go home and shower and have dinner. But part of me craved that connection.  Yoga was changing my life but I had nobody to share it with.

Fast forward a few years and I found my tribe in Forrest Yoga. I also learned my superpower: I am a community builder. That’s why I have created Wild Sage.  Here is a place to join with other seekers in your inner quest. A place to be free to grow and transform.

As a Wild Sage member, you’ll receive a selection of practices which are solely designed to inspire you in achieving self-transformation. 

Plus, you’ll be able to attend a monthly coaching call where we will, as a group, create huge changes in our lives and empower ourselves to move forward. There will be laughter. And, most likely, some tears too.

In your membership package, you’ll receive IMMEDIATELY YOU SUBSCRIBE:

  • 1-hour call voucher to redeem any time, even if you’re an existing client
  • 6 unique workbooks 
  • 6 guided relaxation tracks for overcoming obstacles and finding inner peace


  • 1 group session EACH MONTH
  • Recordings to listen any time

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