Life Coaching

Life coaching is gaining popularity because people are realising that they don’t have to struggle by themselves to get where they need to go.

Do you feel you deserve to start living your life in a way that you have chosen?  

Are you waking up to new possibilities for your life, and just need a helping hand?

Holistic life coaching is about your whole life, including whichever areas you want to work on. It covers self-empowerment and meeting your needs at home, at work and in your own head.

Once you’ve tried it you will realise why it’s so popular. Supported by your coach, you’ll face up to what you’ve been avoiding and experience a new freedom. There’s nothing like it for raising your awareness to the next level.

We take two approaches: one is to fully empower you to reach your goals and support you with action steps to get there.  The other is to use advanced neurolinguistic programming techniques to remove any issues and stuck patterns that are holding you back.

Your coach is the person you have been looking for to cheer you on for your progress, but who will hold you accountable to your wisdom. The scariest part? The fear that comes with realising how powerful you are.

Before working with Hannah I was stressed, overwhelmed and felt that I was failing my life. I felt stuck and reaching my potential was a distant dream. After working with Hannah for only 4 weeks I now have a blueprint for what I truly want and desire and an actionplan for how to get there. I also feel empowered and confident that I can do this. I am showing up for my life! I feel so much more free and joyful. Thank you Hannah!


Mum, Writer, & Yoga Teacher

Life Coaching 4 Pack

Series of (4) 60 minute calls

Life Coaching 4 pack

4 calls, each 60min in length.  This series is a good introductory level pack.

  • Experience unprecedented growth and surprising shifts of perspective
  • Create a lasting bond with your coach
  • Change habits and get instant results
  • Deepen your spiritual awareness


Life Coaching 6 Pack

Series of (6) 60 minute calls

Life Coaching 6 pack

6 calls, each 60min in length.  This series will suit the majority of clients.

  • Unwind habits and create new, lasting, positive changes
  • Dive into the root causes of obstacles that hold you back
  • Discover what you can achieve with support
  • Integrate your spiritual practice with your life


Life Coaching 12 Pack

Series of (12) 60 minute calls

Life Coaching 12 pack

12 calls, each 60min in length.  This series is for those who are ready to commit to working with a coach over a few months.  It may be suited to those who have specific issues to work through, or those who have already benefited from shorter series and are ready to go deeper.

  • Develop your vision for your life and turn it into real, tangible results
  • Release the self-defeating habits that hold you back
  • Experience profound transformation with a lasting effect
  • Deepen your spiritual practice to support your vision



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