Guided Meditations

Transformational meditations can support the coaching experience.  With Wild Sage group coaching you will receive guided meditations to deepen the work to an unconscious, non verbal level.  You can spend a lot of time talking about self-love, for example, but it takes deep and sustained practice to work it into our daily mental and energetic landscape.

Each meditation supports the theme of the week’s call and allows a creative process to take place within the body, rewiring old habitual patterns to form new ways of being.


Try out one of our meditations by clicking the play button below.


Golden Light Yoga Nidra:


Experience golden light suffusing your entire body, relaxing, healing and protecting you as you bring yourself into an embodied trance state. 

This meditation is designed to be done lying down in total relaxation.  Ensure you have blankets and anything else to be totally comfortable lying flat on the floor or in bed. The duration of the session is 14 minutes.


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