Group Coaching

Group Coaching 6×6 is a place to join with other seekers in your own personal quest. A place to be free to grow and transform. 

If you’re looking to fall back on a community to support you through these times, this is the place for you.  You’ll get a weekly coaching call where we will, as a group, create huge changes in our lives and empower ourselves to move forward. There will be intense teaching moments, laughter and tears.

The basic format comprises 6 sessions, with no more than 6 people. This is not a “bulk” group experience, rather an intimate conversation where everyone gets the opportunity to feel heard and challenged.  You won’t just benefit from your own live coaching – you’ll feel echoes and shifts as the others in the group work things out too.

You’re a superb talent in that area of including the rest of us when you’re working with someone so that all of us get to come on that same journey.” Ken, USA

I’m thrilled, it’s been an amazing period of my life.” Madeline, Spain

 “You’re really attuned to what people are saying… I’ve found you to be excellent at getting to the point but also you hold this allowing in the space and kindness as well.” Annabel, UK


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You’ll get:

  • 6 weekly online calls
  • Weekly journaling and reflection prompts
  • 5 transformative guided meditations
  • Accountability and support group


  • Celebration and support for your development 
  • A safe space to process your emotions
  • Insights into how others’ lives mirror your own
  • Coaching from multiple angles to break through on your obstacles

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Was £120 --- now just £100 


Group Coaching 6x6

6 x 60minute calls in a group coaching experience.  Ideal for those looking to consolidate their breakthroughs by leaning into community.  It's an intimate, committed, mutually rewarding, fascinating journey.