Goddess Explorations

Infuse your life with inspiration, wisdom and strength from the Divine Feminine.

Starts Tues, 6 April, 2021

Unbox Your Divine Self

Fed up with the patriarchal bullshit that you have been fed since the day you were born? Such as being told to keep quiet, or that your desires aren’t important?

Walking the path of transformation within the Divine Feminine, but desire community and connection along the way?

Curious about the power of feminist readings into mythology and divinity, and want to dive deeper into this mystical wellspring of power?

Want to apply Goddess power to your daily reality, including energetic transformation, abundance and mindset shifts?

Welcome to this life-changing work.

Goddess Myths

Creative Explorations


Total relaxation

I’m not joking about the “life changing”.

This is not just any old group coaching.  It starts with teachings drawn from the millenia-old wisdom of Goddess tradition, and plunges these straight into radical feminist spirituality, within the context of your own life.  Divine Feminism that is ready to find a voice.

Womxn of any age, colour or ability who are no longer content with the status quo.

This group will support you not only with channelling the transformative power of the Divine Feminine, but with the power of a radical community of Goddess-workers.  A hotbed of ideas and inspiration, this is strong and much-needed medicine.

This is a beta test: it will be more than double the price next time.  The catch…. is simply that I will be asking for regular feedback to improve the experience.

About Me:

Hannah Floyd:  Transformational and NLP/ Timeline Therapy Coach, mum of 2, mover and shaker, Hannah challenges the concept of “productivity” by championing a new, nurturing, feminine way forward. Hannah’s “emotional eagle eye” helps others to grow, learn and get where they need to go.

After an awakening experience which led her to studying and practising with goddess archetypes, Hannah retrained as a yoga teacher in 2017 with Ana Forrest, and became a life coach in 2018 with the Volcano School of Bizcraft and Coachery. She then went on to take the International Coaching Federation Mentorship and NLP Practitioner certificate. She now works as a coach for Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute, and privately leading Goddess workshops for the good of humankind.

gypsy pirate woman with baby

A pair of hands viewed as if by the owner of the hands, holding two half pomegranates. The background is blue cloth. There is a green bead necklace on the left wrist and a blue bangle on the right wrist.

What you Get:

  • 12 x 1-hour group coaching sessions
  • 6 Goddess myths/ archetypes to work with
  • 6 Recorded meditations
  • Wisdom and teachings drawn from a variety of Goddess traditions
  • Mentorship and coaching on applying Goddess wisdom to your own life
  • Accountability on your chosen action steps
  • Member’s area of the website with replays plus bonus material
  • Your feedback constantly put back into the programme to make it work for you


  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money 100% refunded