Goddess Journey


A 4-day interactive workshop leading into embodiment, creativity and empowerment through Mythic Goddess Exploration and Fun

March 19th-22nd, 2021

Most of us have had to take a look at our priorities in recent months. We’re realising as a society that the existing status quo was not serving us as well as we may have thought. We are looking for something, but we aren’t yet sure what it looks like.

There’s a whole other dimension that gets put to one side and doesn’t get talked about.  Our soul dimension, and our relationship with our creative, wild, free selves is so important that if it gets ignored you can be as rich as a queen but not enjoy a penny of it.

This workshop is guaranteed to be unlike any other online challenge or course.  It’s interactive rather than informative, and it’s designed to be raw, messy and fun.  It’s participative and there will be space for exploration.

Do you ever get the feeling that in order to move forward you need to get in touch with yourself and honour your extraordinary and magical nature? Feeling that your inner life has a different agenda than the one the outside world is asking of it?  The new reality and the new work-space are evolving fast and they depend on our ability to take ownership of our Full Spectrum Selves, in all their too-muchness.

In the workshop, we’ll be employing storytelling, mythic archetypes, creativity, drama and coaching techniques to uncover aspects of the great Feminine that will inspire us and nourish us for months into the future.  ALL gender expressions and abilities welcome.

Image Credit: Maria Campbell


I cannot tell you enough how much I loved that class and wish it were still going! … I never thought about the goddesses that way before. Not that deeply!

Katie Swartz-Mercer (attended Goddess Journey)

Massage Therapist

Schedule (tbc)

 Day One:

Into the Divine Feminine: Workshop with Hannah 

Fri, March 19th, 8pm - 9.30pm GMT

Day Two: 

Sedna: Shamanic Storytelling Journey with Sarah Riseborough

Sat, March 20th, 8pm - 9.30pm GMT

Day Three:

Psyche's Realm:  Workshop with Hannah

Sun, March 21st, 8pm-9.30pm GMT

Day Four: 

Triple Goddess: a Ceremonial Workshop with Firetree 

Mon, March 22nd, 8pm-9.30pm BST (note clocks change)

Hannah Floyd

Hannah Floyd

is a multi-talented, wise magician/healer. She is a Transformational Life Coach and an NLP practitioner.  She is also a trained teacher, poet and Forrest Yoga Teacher.  Hannah has explored different varieties of religious belief in her past including Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, and come to rest in a different place that has no male guru or leader.

She is qualified to do this teaching by the deep work she has undergone in the times she has spent in identities such as scholar of literature, poet, ardent practitioner of feminist form yoga, and fiery wolf mother of her children and creative projects.

Hannah is exploring and teaching the power of feminine forms of divinity to unsettle the status quo and bring personal empowerment and healing.  This course is experimental and forward-thinking in nature, and it reflects Hannah’s ability to exist at her creative edge.



is a highly intuitive Celtic Medicine Woman, Alchemist, Ceremonial guide & Somatic Bodyworker. Working with nature, plants and spirit to guide the return to source, truth & wholeness. Reclaiming the Rites of Passage through Birth, Life and Death that assist in our navigation as a human being with our soul’s evolution. Harnessing a deep connection to the ancient wisdom through meditation, movement & ritual, she brings this to the present, living in our busy modern world.

    Sarah Riseborough

    Sarah Riseborough

    excels in a number of different creative practices including writing, live improvised performance, abstract painting and sculpture and community projects. She is also a shamanic practitioner, bodyworker and Sekhem reiki practitioner, and she loves to mentor those who are on creative/healing paths. 

    Her gift comes in the form of recognising and empowering the creator self, regaining the voice that enables us to transmit our wisdom and reclaiming that from the colonising effects of patriarchal influence.  She counts herself fortunate to be a bridge, a student and a witness to this process.

    Sarah’s greatness is in her ability to leap in, without reserve, to be open to experience.  

    Come join in the fun with Sarah!