Find Your Focus Mini Course

January 2nd – 4th, 2021


Start Your Year with Clarity

Whatever your experience of 2020, the new year marks a fresh start. What better way to explore your intentions for the next year than with a transformational mini course?

Over three days, we’ll call on the elements of earth, water and fire to bring inspiration, grounding and strength to our intention for the coming year.

Receive the support of the group as we steady ourselves in the perception of how we already are enough. Remind yourself of what you are deeply drawn to do.  Relax, focus and gather your energies.  This course will be a gentle but powerful start to your year. 


Goddess Myths

Creative Explorations


Total relaxation

Mini-Course Offerings:

  • 3 x 60minute element-themed webinars to guide and empower
  • 2 x 45minute deep relaxation sessions
  • 1 x 45minute energising yoga session
  • 1 x 60minute intention ceremony to start the new year with clarity
  • Bonus offerings
  • Social media group
  • Replays sent out soon after the sessions
  • All parts are modular: choose what works for you

Meet the Team:

Woman smiling wearing a black tee shirt and a small rudraksha mala

Hannah Floyd:  Transformational Coach, mum of 2, mover and shaker, Hannah challenges the concept of “productivity” by championing a new, nurturing, feminine way to get stuff done. Hannah’s “emotional eagle eye” helps others to grow, learn and get where they need to go.

Woman wearing a green shirt against a background of green grass

Madeline Hogan: Yoga teacher living as an expat in Madrid, Spain, Madeline Hogan is nicknamed (by Hannah) “The Green Witch of Madrid”.  Her sumptuously relaxing yoga offerings bring the divine and dreamy into our everyday lives.

A group of young people drumming and sitting together on a yoga mat. They appear to be having fun

Course Programme

  • Day 1 EARTH: January 2nd: 11am webinar; 9pm relaxation 
  • Day 2 WATER: January 3rd: 9am webinar; 1pm intention ceremony; 9pm relaxation 
  • Day 3 FIRE: January 4th: 9am yoga;  11am webinar
  • Day 4 11am Bonus session tbc!
  • Replays will be available
  • All sessions are 60min or less
  • Times are in GMT
  • None of the content is compulsory; come to what you can