I first met Kit and Rosie Volcano at my Foundation Teacher Training in Berlin.  They were messing around at the front of class, pretending to be complete beginners.  Turned out they were doing it on purpose to teach us how beginners behave and when I figured this out I couldn’t stop giggling.

They run regular “challenges” designed to introduce people to the value of life coaching, and I signed up for one called the “Holiday Survival Challenge”, as I was keen to get some tips for the upcoming stressful holiday season.  I was assigned a personal coach and all for less than $50 I was taken on the journey of a lifetime.  

This experience persuaded me to take on a life coach for a six-week programme.  For six weeks I had a personal angel on my shoulder, listening, encouraging, celebrating and calling me out on my dark side’s habitual patterns. I discovered a new way of existing in the world that was not based on constantly criticising or despairing.  I also booked a holiday cottage for a weekend away with friends at New Year.  This concrete achievement was the very first in a series of big changes I learned to make with a life coach as my guide. Changes that were chosen by ME.